The Game of Gifts

The Game of Gifts includes six game boards.

First of all the Round Table Board: this is where the game starts. Its purpose is to allow you to get familiar with your talents, to see their interrelationships and to gain insight into how you rule your inner kingdom as king or queen.

Secondly the Tree of Life Board: this shows the connections and hierarchy of your talents and reveals the blueprint of your mission in life.

The next four boards in order are the Pyramid Board, Mirror of the Soul Board, Creator Board, Star of David Board

Who is this game intended for?

For people with vital questions such as:
- Does my work suit me well enough?
- Is the work I'm doing right for me?
- What is the meaning of my life?
- What am I supposed to do with all my talents?
- What keeps me from growing?
- I feel attracted towards a range of professional possibilities. Which one should I choose?
- How am I going to be happy?
- Which position in life am I meant to take?

This game presupposes that each of us has a mission in life for which we have been given the necessary talents or gifts. When we put our talents into use and contribute to the larger whole we will be given everything we need and can be really happy.

Age: approximately 16 years and older.

You may play the game under supervision only, either individually or in a group setting. It is an insight and integration game and serves to support job applications, career coaching, team building activities or counselling. The game has both diagnostic and healing effects.